Beat The Buzzer - backyard ultra

June 22, 2024
$65 - $100

A backyard ultra with a twist! A surprise location and challenges along the way! It's all about having FUN! - last person standing!
6.4km route / solo / Teams / Over 6 hours / Under 6 hours
Registration is opening soon! Beat the buzzer is a super fun running event that's great for beginners to advanced runners! Even spectators and your crew will have a great time! Run 1 lap or lots of laps. Join the party that goes all night! Who will be the last person to keep running? Will you be buzzed out! How many hours will it last? Who will win the most challenges? There will be 1 person or team left to take the win and $200 cash! Register as solo or as a team, under 6 hours or more! Join the fun! Location will be announced in June! How many hours will it last! Belt buckles for all runners to reach 24 hours!


What is Beat the Buzzer? 

It's a backyard ultra for everyone! It's a last runner/team to keep running the longest. But there's a catch you get to rest every hour.

The run starts at 8am for a 6km loop but you have to be finished under an hour to start the next loop. This continues until the last solo runner or team is left to run another lap. Until the last runner is Buzzed out! $200 Cash Prize for Last Person or Team Standing!

A running race that re-starts every hour on the hour until the last runner is left standing! This event could last a couple of days! 2023 will be a fun and exciting trail run! Run during the day and Run Party at night! Sponsored fun lap challenges for each daytime lap to keep you motivated!

This run is a fundraiser for the Kamloops Food Bank!

Demo Shoes

Dirty Feet is excited to have HOKA as a Presenting Sponsor for 2023! Test out some demo shoes and win some sweet prizes along the Beat The Buzzer course from HOKA.

Custom Dirty Feet Belt Buckle - for all 100km runners and teams who run run for 24 hours!

Race Course: 

2023 course will be at Stake Lake (Nordic Ski Trails). The exact course will be released in the week leading up to the race. The course will be on trails with some fun challenges along the way that you can choose to do or just run to get your lap done within the hour!  

Here are the course details of the run - the course will be around 6 - 6.5km. The Course will offer a variety or terrain including single track, double track, up and down hills, rocky and sandy conditions. It will be a looped course and provide lots of fun and entertainment for people sticking around to watch. 

There's lots of space at the start/finish area to put up a tent or have a chair/cooler with all your gear for the race close to the start/finish area. You can make your own pit area or share it with friends!

Race Outline:

The race starts at 8am and the race will re-start again every hour on the hour until there’s one person left standing! Race solo or as a team!

The course will be a 6 - 6.5km route located within a 45 minute drive from Kamloops. You can run solo or on a team. You need to be completed the 6 - 6.5km course under an hour to start the next loop at the next hour. If you want to run with your friends then sign up solo. For teams your teammate needs to be finished the loop in under an hour in order for you to continue the race. If you don’t make it back under the hour then you will be cut off – How many loops can you complete without getting cut-off!! 

This event will have prizes given out each sponsored lap for different challenges or looks – cash lap, shortest short laps, hot dog lap, best dressed lap, best costume lap, fastest lap barefoot, etc… Many more will be added along the way!

Dirty Feet Custom Socks will be awarded to all competitors when you are #buzzedout of the race! Also you will have a photo taken in front of the #buzzedout banner.

Shirts, hoodies and Hats will be available to purchase at the event. Cash and credit card are accepted. 

Race Package Pick-up

Pick up your package location will be at the Start/Finish area at Stake Lake. This is the main parking lot for Stake Lake with the main Lodge for the Overlander Ski Club. Pick up will be available on June 17th race morning starting at 7am at the start line.

Racer Check In

Begins at 7:00am at Start/Finish

Race Start Time

8am start

Bring food with you for the long haul. 

Entry Fees

If you or your team are planning to run more than 6 laps then you must register for the over 6 hour entry so that would be over 30 km. If you are going to run less than 30km and under 6 hours you should register for the under 6 hours entry. Entry includes first aid, a well marked course, race medal, race swag, lap prizes, games and a super fun time! If you want to test out running over 5km, 10km, 25km, 30km or 50km for the first time this is a great place to test it out in a nice safe environment.

Under 6 hours Solo: $65 Early bird until Jan 1st. Price increase to $70 on Jan 1st and $75 on June 10th. 

Over 6 hours Solo: $90 Early bird until Jan 1st. Price increase to $95 on Jan 1st and $100 on June 10th. 

Under 6 hours Teams of 2: $65/ person Early bird until Jan 1st. $70 on Jan 1st and $75 on June 10th. 

Over 6 hours Teams of 2: $90/ person Early bird until Jan 1st. $95 on Jan 1st and $100 on June 10th. 

*Entry fees do not include on-line processing fee.

If you would like to volunteer please email INFO@DIRTYFEET.CA regarding volunteering for this event.

On-line Registration Deadline

On line registration last day is June 16th. Click here to Register!

Refund Policy 

Sorry No Refunds. –Your registration may be transferred to another 2023 event but this must be requested 2 weeks prior to the event.

Aid Stations

You are responsible for bringing your own water and food for this event there will be light food station set up at the start/finish area for those runners who are continuing on. Night racers will have access to hot food and hot drinks to keep them going. 

Map to Start 

Race location is Stake Lake. Click here for a map to the start area once it's been released!

What to bring:

This event is different than other events so you may need to plan ahead and bring a Headlamp, Extra food, Race food, a tent or shelter, change of clothes, jacket, tights, extra shoes, a tent and some support crew.


Camping is available on site. The over 6 hour runners will be able to have a pit area set up with their gear for access into and over night. 


Historically it has been nice in the Kamloops area but remember to bring clothing for all night long if you plan on running all day and all night.

Course Maps

Course maps will be posted in June. Location is Stake Lake. 

Course logistics and Example:

Race Example: Jon runs the first loop in 45 minutes he has 15 minutes to get ready for the next start time. Jon then takes 55 minutes to complete the loop so he has 5 minutes to get himself ready for the next start time. Jon takes 59 minutes to complete his 3rd loop so he now has 1 minute to get ready to start on the hour. Jon takes 1 hour and 5 minutes for his 4th loop – Jon’s race is now over and is super impressed with completing 4 loops (20+km) but is pulled from the course and his race is over. – Are you ready for the challenge? Course may get longer after 24 hours.

For teams each runner will need to complete their lap in 59:59 for their teammate to continue. If the Buzzer goes off before you complete your lap you will not be able to continue.

Count down to each lap start: Every hour on the hour. 3 whistles at 5 mins to start, 2 whistles at 2 minutes to start and 1 whistle at 1 minute to start time. You must be in the starting gates at the last whistle.

Where to Stay

Visit Tourism Kamloops for all the best places to stay in Kamloops. Or check out the local campgrounds to stay.

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