Dirty Feet Heartbreak 100k, Relay, 50k, 25k & 25k night race

August 17, 2024
$115 - $180

If this is your first ultra run or 100th one you will enjoy this fantastic course!
25km / 50km / 100km / Relay/ 25km Night race
Enjoy this runnable 100km, 50km or 25km/25km night course at the Stake Lake Nordic Centre! This course is super fun with great volunteers at the aid stations cheering you on! The course has a mix of single track, double track, hills, rocks and roots along the way. This run is for all levels of runners! There is lots of swag for this one - A custom 2024 Dirty Feet running hat, Coffee beans and Custom bibs! Finisher medals are awarded to those who complete the 25km, 50km, and relay finishers, while solo 100km finishers will be rewarded with a belt buckle! Solo or teams of up to 8 people. 4 legs for the 50km. Leg 1 - 10km, Leg 2 - 15km, Leg 3 - 10km Leg 4 - 10km. Lots of aid stations along the way. The 100km has 8 legs running the 50km twice. This race is great for first-time ultra runners or 25km runners. The trails are great and you might even see some wildlife along the way. Get a discounted race entry on your next purchase by signing up for a Dirty Feet Membership. Click here for details.


HOKA is the presenting sponsor for this trail ultra and they are excited to have you in the Dirty Feet Heartbreak 100. 


100km solo or relay of up to 6 people. The 100km has 1-8 legs total these are the distance of the legs 1 &5 - 10km, Legs 3&7 - 10km and legs 2,4,6&8 - 15km. The elevation for the 100k is approximately 2000m. 

50km solo will be a continual course of legs 1-4. The Relay will have 4 legs 10km, 15km, 10km and 15km. The elevation for the 50km is approximately 1000m.

25km distance will be Leg 1 & 2.

*New 25km night race! - This 25km run will be on Legs 2 and 3.

Relay teams - You will tag off to your teammate at the start/finish area every time so you don't have to drive around to find your the transition area!

Solo runners - The transition area and main aid station are at the start/finish area so you will have lots of supplies available and access to your own drop bag.


This area south of Kamloops offers a little cooler temperatures in the summer months. The trails for this event at Stake Lake offer narrow and wider trails, a large parking lot along the course for the 100km, teams and 50km runners to have your own pit area. The trails are awesome and have great views, a lush landscape with lots of birds and ponds along the way. A couple sections of the trails offer some technical rock features. The start and finish is within walking distance to your car. The area is very quiet, relaxing and offers a great place to go for a run!

Race Swag

Swag for this run!! Dirty Feet Heartbreak swag, 1/2 pound of Shuswap Coffee, finishers medal or Belt buckle (100km solo) Professionally marked course, first aid and great volunteers out on course! 

Dirty Feet Custom BOCO Hat and Hoka Socks for all racers for 2024, Heartbreak Belt Buckle(100km), Heartbreak finishers medal for relay and 50km runners, custom bib (if registered by July 20th), custom coffee from Shuswap Coffee and more are included in your registration! Dirty Feet shirts, hats and other Dirty Feet items will be available to purchase at the race. Cash, Debit Card and credit cards will be accepted.

Dirty Feet Custom Hat

Heartbreak medal
Finisher Medal


100km solo Belt Buckle

Race Packages

Race Package Pickup is TBA on Friday, Aug 16th from 5-6pm. Stay tuned for updates on the pre-race meeting. However, Race Packages will always be available Saturday, Aug 17th starting at 6am - 8am before the race or at 8pm for the 25km night race. Race starts at 7am and 9am at the main parking lot to Stake Lake. Night 25km starts at 9pm.

Racer Check In

Race Check-in starts 6am for 100km, and 100 km relay. Pre-race meeting at 6:45am for the 100km and 100km Relay runners.

Race Check-in starts 8am for 50km, relay and 25km. Pre-race meeting at 8:45am for the 50km (relay) and 25km runners.

Night 25km race check-in starts at 8pm. Pre-race meeting at 8:45pm.

Race Start Times

100km/100k relay - 7:00am

50km/50k relay/25km  - 9:00am

Night 25km - 9:00pm

Entry Fees

100km relay team/per person entry fee is - $115 + processing fee (includes GST) 

100km solo race entry fee is - $180 + processing fee (includes GST) 

50km race entry fee is – $115 + processing fee (includes GST)

50km relay/per person - $115 + processing fee (includes GST)

25km race entry fee is - $115 + processing  fee (includes GST) 

Register by July 20th to receive your choice of 2024 swag color item or size and a personalized custom bib.

Prices increase of $10 on January 1, 2024.

All race entries include items listed under Race Swag, aid stations, hot food for overnight racers, medical staff, a well-marked course and a chance to win prizes!

Online Registration Deadline

Registration is online until Friday, Aug 16th at Noon. Click here to Register!

Aid Stations

The 100km and 50km courses will come back to the main staging area of the parking lot for ease of accessing all your gear and food requirements. You can access your drop bags in the staging area. You will have the option to have all your gear close by in your car if you should need something.  Make sure to sort out your own electrolyte drink, water and any specific food you want during and after your run. Please be prepared and carry food and water/electrolytes with you. This is a long race so make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions – Hot sun, Rain and wind – Make a refuelling plan and then bring extra. 

100k Cut-offs - Start of Leg 5 cut off is 13 hours. Start of Leg 8 cut off time at 22 hours to start Leg 8 and a 24 hour cut off to finish the 100km. 50km cut-off is start of leg 4 at 20 hours.

The main staging area will be close to the parking lot so you will be able to access your car if you need anything that you have not left in your drop bag at the start/finish. Headquarters (HQ) is where your drop bag will be.

100km course aid stations will be at 10km (HQ), 18km, 25km (HQ), 35km (HQ), 43km, 50km (HQ), 60km (HQ), 68km, 75km (HQ), and 85km (HQ), 93km and finish line (HQ). 

50km course aid stations will be at 10km (HQ), 18km, 25km (HQ), 35km (HQ), 43km and finish (HQ)

25km course aid stations are at 10km (HQ), 18km and finish (HQ).

Please be prepared for all weather conditions to stay hydrated and properly fueled. Race officials will be checking that you have fuel with you before you start your run.

Course Maps

Course maps for Heartbreak 25k (leg 1,2), Night 25km (leg 2,3) 50km (leg 1-4) and 100km (leg 1-8)!

Leg 1 and 5- Click here for the Strava Map. Run Clockwise. 

Leg 2,4,6 and Leg 8. Click here for the Strava map. Run Counter Clockwise. Click here for Fatmap

Leg 3 and Leg 7. Click here for the Strava map. Run Counter Clockwise. Click here for Fatmap


The top 3 awards and prizes in each distance will be presented for 25km at 12:30pm, 50km at 4pm and 100km at 8pm. These times are subject to change depending on finishing times.

Refund Policy

No Refunds or transfers.

Crewing and Pacing

Crew access will only be allowed at the start/finish/Headquarters (the stake lake main parking lot) and Pacers are not allowed on course at any time. If you are found to be crewing or assisting your racer outside of the start/finish area your racer will be pulled from the race.

Drop bags will be available for 100km and 50km runners at the race headquarters/start/finish area. 100km runners can access their drop bag after each leg of the run. 50km runners can access their drop bags after each leg at the finish line.

Headlamps are mandatory at 6pm! If you are going to be out on course at this time remember to pack your headlamp with you before you leave on your next Leg of the race.

2 headlamps are mandatory for the 25km night race.

Getting There

Click here for a map from Kamloops to Stake Lake. It's the Stake Lake Nordic Center just south of Kamloops. It's located on Lac Le Jeune road and not off of HWY 5 so make sure to take Lac Le Jeune from Kamloops or take the Lac Le Jeune exit off the highway. 


August can be a mix of weather conditions. Bring clothes, food and water/electrolytes for all weather conditions. It will cool off at night so make sure to bring warm clothes for running and for after your run!

Race Rules and FAQ

Crew access will only be allowed at the start/finish/Headquarters (the stake lake main parking lot) and Pacers are not allowed on course at any time. If you are found to be crewing or assisting your racer outside of the start/finish area your racer will be pulled from the race.

Headlamps are mandatory to have with you starting at 6pm.

Minimum of 500ml of electrolytes with the ability to carry 1L of liquids.

Light jacket or long sleeve is mandatory after 6pm. 

Bibs must be worn at all times on the front of the racer.

Runners must check in at all aid stations.

Runners must check in prior to the race

Runners must check in/out at Race headquarters if they decide to pull themselves from the race.


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